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We want to hear from you. Try handpicked Tesco experiences, services and products from the Orchard at Tesco — then tell us and your friends what you think.

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1. Get a little extra

Enjoy Tesco experiences, services and products, handpicked based on your interests and shopping habits.

2. Share your thoughts

Tell us what you think — and share your Tesco experience with friends online and in person.

3. Keep it up

The more you participate, the more chances you'll have to try new things.

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What will happen once I join?

You'll be invited to try Tesco goodies (for free or with a big saving) — and you'll share your opinions with us and the people you know.

What do I get for being a member?

In addition to the chance to try experiences, services and products for free (and get great stuff to share with friends), you'll also have the opportunity to help create a better Tesco for everyone.

Is the Orchard at Tesco only for Clubcard members?

Yes, having a Clubcard helps us match you to programmes that suit your interests and shopping habits. If you don’t already have a Clubcard, it’s easy to join.

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