The Orchard at Tesco is now closed.

Members are no longer able to log in to the platform.

We know the quality of our food is really important, so we will be expanding our national in store sampling programme to grow the opportunities for customers to taste it. Orchard members will still be able to benefit from a wide range of offers through our Tesco Clubcard, with lots more exciting activity planned for this year to help customers grow their Clubcard points faster.

All personal data, including photos, reviews and content you have shared with us on Orchard will be securely deleted.

If you have any further questions you can contact Orchard Customer Service by phoning 0800 292 2969, Monday-Friday, 2pm-9pm or emailing

More Information

What was the Orchard at Tesco?
The Orchard at Tesco was a platform where customers and colleagues came together to share Tesco experiences with each other and to review our services and products.

How many active members did it have?
The Orchard had 50,000 active members.

What happened to my personal information after the site closed?
All personal information will be securely deleted after 31 March.

Will there be a replacement for The Orchard for Clubcard users?
No, we’re focussing on offering customers more opportunities to experience the great products Tesco has to offer through our national in-store sampling programme. Orchard members will still be able to benefit from a wide range of offers through our Tesco Clubcard too. Find out more at

When will your in-store sampling programme start expanding?
We’ve started expanding already with sampling in over 600 stores all year round, this equates to an average of 1,000 sampling events per week across all store formats.

How many stores is sampling available in?
Our sampling programme is available in 605 large format stores across the UK, we also often hold sampling initiatives in our Express and Metro stores.

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