How it works

Not sure what a programme is? Wondering how activities are rated? Want a bit more clarity about coupons? This section's here to clear up any confusion you may have.

The opinions you share must be open, honest and sincere — you wouldn't expect anything less from your friends, right? So every time you share about a experience, service or product, be sure to follow the Orchard at Tesco Code of conduct:

Be open
Always be sure to tell others you're a member of the Orchard at Tesco community, and that you've received a way to try a experience, service or product from Tesco. (The #TriedItFree or #TriedForLess hashtags come in handy for that second part.) If you also happen to be a Tesco colleague, don't keep it to yourself.

Be a natural communicator
You know how you stop listening when you think someone is trying to sell you something? Well, other people do too. So stay natural and spam-free.

Be honest
Your honest, hype-free opinion is what matters, and that's what you should share with others — which means discussing the bad along with the good.

Be mindful
Everything you do communicates something to the people around you — from the things you say to the products you use.

Be influential
Your opinions have a lot of power. Take the time to really experience what you're trying and learn more about it. This will help make your posts and conversations meaningful and engaging.

Be a listener
Conversations work best when they go both ways. And the people you're talking with also have valuable opinions and experiences they want to share.

Stay in touch
You're our eyes and ears. Each time you have a conversation about something you've tried through the Orchard at Tesco, be sure to let us know what everyone thought.

Have fun
If you're having a good time, other people will too. Besides, what's not fun about sharing new things with friends (especially the things you try for free)?