How it works

Not sure what a programme is? Wondering how activities are rated? Want a bit more clarity about coupons? This section's here to clear up any confusion you may have.

What is the Orchard at Tesco?

It’s a collection of smart shoppers and terrific talkers, united by a passion for saving time, saving money and sharing their favourite Tesco experiences, services and products with others.

What do members of the Orchard at Tesco do exactly?

It's simple — you try great Tesco experiences, services and products (for free or with big savings), then share your opinions about what you try with us, friends, followers, relatives and colleagues. Sometimes we'll work together to come up with great new products for Tesco, and all your feedback helps make Tesco better for everyone.

Is the Orchard at Tesco only for Clubcard members?

Yes, that way we can ensure you'll only be invited to programmes we think are right for you. We can also reward you with Clubcard points when you complete certain activities and surveys. Not a Clubcard member yet? Head over to now to learn more and start enjoying Tesco rewards every time you shop, including money-saving offers, special surprises and points to spend on shopping.

Is there a cost to join?

No, the Orchard at Tesco is absolutely free.

I work for a Tesco-owned company. Can I join the Orchard at Tesco?

Absolutely. Tesco colleagues are encouraged to join and participate in programmes. All we ask is that whenever you talk to people about a particular programme, you're sure to let them know that you're a Tesco colleague as well as a member of the Orchard at Tesco. Learn more about disclosure >

What do you do with the information I provide to you?

Information may be shared between Tesco entities (for instance, we here at Orchard may access data from your Clubcard account). However, all personal data is kept strictly confidential, and only used as a way to help us:

For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.